Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Getting ready for SPEP (and a sutra)

 Jeff, Milo, and I went down to San Marcos  yesterday afternoon to practice kapotasana and things related to it.   I woke up this morning still feeling a bit of backbend energy coursing through my body.   We had a fun time and  Christina and Kelly made a yummy mac and cheese for dinner. 

I'm leaving for  SPEP this  afternoon.  SPEP is the  Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy. It is a huge conference for all sorts of groups who do philosophy  in ways other than analytical, let's say.   Ancient Philosophy Society has a satellite session there and so I'm going in conjunction with my duties as  co-director of that organization , more than for  SPEP itself, though  I really enjoyed  SPEP in and of itself last year and it is part of my renewed effort to make sure I get to conferences and conversations with colleagues about philosophy done outside the dominant analytic tradition.

Also, it is in New Orleans as  an added bonus.   I"ll be back Saturday evening. Sunday I'm teaching in the teacher training for AYI.  (I'm really looking forward to that). 

Anyway, I've got the morning to practice, pack, and  write a bit.

Here's the morning sutra  study. 

3.27/ 3.26
bhuvana-jñānam sūrye saṁyamāt

By samyama on the sun the yogi will have knowledge of the seven worlds, and of the seven cosmic centers in the body.  (I)
By performing samyama on the  sun arises knowledge of the different realms in the universe.  (B)

here's the  word  study

bhuvana -  regions
jñānam- knowledge
sūrye  -on the sun
saṁyamāt -by samyama

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Today's Sutra and a Backbend Sequence

3.26/ 3.25
pravṛttyāloka-nyāsāt sūkṣma-vyvahita-viprakṛṣṭa- jñānam

Concealed things, near or far, are revealed to a yogi.  (I)
By directing the light of cognition, one obtains knowledge of subtle, concealed, and remote things.  (B)

pravṛttyā - cognition
āloka- light
nyāsāt -by directing
sūkṣma subtle
vyvahita- concealed
jñānam- knowledge 

More  backbends today  

Calf mashing
Padmasana prep  sitting,  padmasana
Parsva parvo
Parivritta  Trik
Chair Parivritta Parsva Konasana
Parivritta  AC (Leann Teaching )
PM chair Prep
Sirsasana  prep  
Parsva  Sirsasana
Chair  Dwi  pada   Junior 1  and  2 
Chair twists  of  various sorts
 chair Halasana
Chairless  Chair Halasana
Chair savasana with strap

Monday, October 20, 2014

Backbends at AYI this afternoon

Sutra and Sequence for today.

Here's the sutra 

3.25/ 3.24
baleṣu hasti-balādīni

By samyama on strength, the yogi will develop the physical strength, grace and endurance of an elephant. (I)
By practicing samyama on strengths,  the yogi attains the strength of an elephant, etc.  (B)

baleṣu -  power  strength
hasti  -elephant
bala -strength
ādīni -etc

Here's the sequence   not sure we'll get through it all, but  we've got two hours.

Calf mashing
LOY Virasana cycle
Low rope  AMS
High rope AMS
Rope  static
Rope  1   alternative with  Chair  UMS and AMS
Gomukasana  Prep  with strap
Full Gomukasana
Chair Parivritta Parsva Konasana
PM chair Prep
Sirsasana  prep  
Parsva  Sirsasana
Paryankasana  with brick
 Of dreams
Full pose
Chair  Dwi  pada   Junior 1  and  2 
Sarvangasana dropping to floor
Chair twists  of  various sorts
Chairless  chair Halasana
Chair savasana of  various sorts

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Chair workshop today

Today's   the chair workshop day.  I'm  excited about teaching in a different venue than usual.   I'm also excited about teaching different things with the chair.    Carrie's  chair workshop was really rich in so many ways, but one of the main teachings she had  was to stop seeing the chair as a  chair, but as an  object.   When we  free our minds from  classifying chair as  chair (ie  something to sit on, or  invert over or backbend over),  we plant the seeds for creative new uses. The chair becomes liberated from its spatial confines as we  use the chair to find  more space within ourselves. 

Worry  not  I'm still teaching  chair backbends,  but the theme is open the hips and open the heart so I'm focusing the exploration  there.  Also, the chairs at the studio  have padding on them  and  also have backs in them,  so  I'm also  trying to  do things with the chair that  don't require the  back to be  torn out. (Though we'll have some of those  on hand just so people can see the possibility.

I haven't  done  sutra study in a couple of  days.  Friday morning I had this domestic minor mishap with blue glass, mustard oil and aftershave  crashing on the bathroom floor.  Saturday  I taught early,  so  I'm  enjoying the more  relaxed start of the day. 

Maitrī  friendliness
ādiṣu  etc
balāni- strength

3.24/ 3.23
maitry-ādiṣu balāni

He gains moral and emotional strength by perfecting friendliness and other virtues towards one and all. (I)
By samyama on friendliness and such things, strengths are acquired. (B)

Friday, October 17, 2014

More on the side body

Hi Everyone,

Here's the  sequence for this morning  for  Castle Hill.

We'll repeat a bit from Tuesday and preview some  work with the chair for the chair workshop.

Parsva Amvira  
Prasarita Pad with chair,  Parsva Prasarita Pad with chair
Shoulder work with strap and  at wall. 
Parsva Parvottansana heel at  wall
Parsvotasana with a chair against wall chair at  hip crease
To Parivritta trik
Parighasana at wall
 Parsva Konasana with hand on inside of  Knee
Parivritta  Parsva  Konasana  with chair 
Ardha Matsyendrasana  to Parivritta  Parsva
Sirsana  Prep
Sarvangasana    Ways to build  endurance
Dropping to the floor in stages
Come back to sarvangasana  and feel what the chest opening gives you. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sutra Study for today

Happy Thursday Everyone.  Even though I've been hit by a pretty strong case of allergies,  I've really been enjoying the Fall like weather. It seems to give additional energy and vitality to daily life.  It's like one can feel the prana pervading the universe.  It also gave me a palpable sense of  Prashant's teachings on the "unity consciousness" of  yog.  I wanted to call your attention, again, to Cynthia Bate's blog.  She's in Pune right.  Her post from today is  quite thoughtful and  conveys the importance of  staying the course in  yoga and yog.  

Sutra  Study for  today

3.23/ 3.22
sopakramaṁ nirupakramaṁ ca karma tat-saṁuamād aparānta-jñānam ariṣṭebhyo vā

The effects of action are immediate or delayed. By samyama on his actions, a yogi will gain foreknowledge of their final fruits. He will know the exact time of his death by omens. (I)
Karma is either quick to fructify or slow. By samyama on karma, or on portents, knowledge of [one’s] death arises. (B). 

sa -with
uapkraman -approaching, fruition
ca -and
karma- action
tat -these
nir -without
samyamāt by performing saṁyama
aparānta -death
jñānam -knowledge
ariṣṭebhyo by omens, portens

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saucha and the Laundry: Wednesday Morning Sutra Study

Jeff  went down to see his parents in  Houston for a couple days  and I've been filling my extra time with  house organization.  I have a lot of books I need to read through and it is helpful to have a place to put them,  and  shelf space is rather limited... so I've been reorganizing our stuff  and just doing some general cleaning and  sorting of stuff.  Jeff is  in the process of building us some shelves, but in the meantime... saucha.

Somehow, the inward focus of the workshop and thoughts about how to structure practice differently to enhance depth,   led me to organize my outer world a little more. 

In terms of  practicing pranayama,  I've decided to take up Patricia's suggestion to begin working with Nadi Shodhana  daily and to increase my timings.   In terms of asana, I've decided to take on kaptotasana. I've not had a backbend goal in some time and this this fits very well with  Patricia's suggestion that I spend some time  figure out  the relationship between getting the  lower thorasic to go in, keeping the lumbar abdomen more stable,  and  increased  leg action   in Ustrasna, Supta Virasana, and AMS.  My sense is by sorting that out it will be very helpful for getting kaptotasana.  

I've also decided to have a couple afternoons  where I do the longer inversion work. 

Anyway,  I'll keep the blog world posted on all that. 

Sutra study for today. 

etena śabdādi antardhānam uktam

In the same way as described above, he is able to arrest sound, smell, taste, form and touch. (I)

Edwin does not have this sutra. This is where the numbering becomes different 

etena - by this
śabdādi -sound and others
antardhānam - disppearance
uktam -said  described 

This is  the place where  Edwin's numbering becomes different from   Iyengar's.   Iyengar notes, "Some text omit this stura, on the  ground that if a yogi can manipulate appearance and disappearance of form, his ability to manipulate the other senses can be inferred" (206). 

In his commentary on 3.21, Edwin parenthetically remarks, " The same process of obstruction can be applied to sound, touch, taste, and smell" (347).